Project Introduction

Hanako's flower shop is a story about a girl Hanako who runs a flower shop. Inspired by her grandfather, who is an outstanding florist himself, she is putting all her efforts to bring a smile to faces of her customers. She listens to their stories and tries to understand what is happening in their hearts in order to express these feelings via yet another intricate bouquet.

- A unique mechanic of composing a bouquet based on flowers language;
- An eye-catching anime-like bright and pleasant visuals;
- A non-linear story shaped by your choices;
- A variety of characters of different ages, social positions, goals, problems and ways of overcoming them.

About Developer

Our small indie team is made by Ukrainians who met at a Japanese language and culture study club in Lviv. There are three of us, we all love games and Japan, so when at some point we had an idea to develop a game in a Japanese setting, we were filled with enthusiasm. We are currently developing "Hanako's Flower Shop" and, despite the fact that in today's world, the most rational thing to do would be to write everything in English, but the "Flower Shop" is being written in Ukrainian, and only then its getting translated into other languages. To bring more life to the game we decided to fully voice it in Ukrainian and we got a lot of help in this regard from voice actors from FanvoxUA, who have voiced a lot of different content, including many anime titles.