Project Introduction

The vision of "Glory to the Heroes" is to showcase all the brutalism and hell of modern-day conflict by immersing players into the role of an enlisted soldier on the battlefield with absolutely new ways of waging a war where intense Artillery and trench warfare mixed with hi-tech like drones. By representing the real conflict events in the accurate and historical way, "Glory to the Heroes" committed to perform educational, journalistic and culture-sharing purpose. russians and belarusians do not have access to our products, we try to block them everywhere.

*Inspired by many real-life stories we are working now on the story campaign too, with a scriptwriter from the "Supermassive Games".

*In-game 3D SCANS - The use of real-world heightmap data and photogrammetry enabled us to recreate buildings accurately.

Core mechanics of the "Glory to the Heroes":
1) Large-scale battles:
Matches are conducted to simulate the scale of actual war engagements.

2) Squad-based combat:
Players must work within their squads, that are made up of different roles that complement each other, to be effective on the battlefield.

3) Role-Specific Duties:
There are several roles to choose from, such as Assaulter, FPV-Operator, Artillery, Driver, Rifleman, each with specific duties and equipment.

4) Resource Micro-management:
Some roles designed to manage resources like ammo and fuel, which are used for various strategic actions.

5) Frontline Control:
The map is divided by the frontline which is formed by control points located in cities, villages or other key parts of the location that teams must capture and control to shift or hold the frontline depending on the map's scenario.

6) Constructible Defenses and Destructible Environments:
Players can alter the battlefield by destroying or creating cover.

7) Communication Systems:
There are multiple communication channels, such as squad voice & text chat, team-wide text chat and a command chat for leaders.

8) Realistic Vehicles and Weapon Handling:
Realistic weapon behavior (malfunction, managing ammunition, reloading), and realistic in-vehicle view with interiors and more.

9) Weather and Time Dynamics:
Real-time weather changes and day-night cycles that impact visibility and strategy.

10) Reinforcement Waves:
The respawn represented as timed waves where all defeated players respawn together on selected Main Base or a FOB at set intervals.

11) Map and Intelligence Tools:
Each role has a PDA with real time tactical map, inspired by Ukrainian "Delta" and "Kropyva" tactical software. Squad Leaders can place markers on the map to direct their team's efforts, highlight enemy positions, or call in support.

12) Commander Abilities:
Squad Leaders have access to artillery strikes or fire support. Each Squad Leader's PDA is synced with one another.

13) Logistics and Support Roles:
Transport vehicles can quickly move troops from the Main Base or FOB to the front lines, reducing downtime after respawning. As well as delivering ammunition and supplies needed for the FOB construction.

14) Civil Affairs:
Interact with the civilian population to gather tactical information on the enemy. Sometimes briefs of civilians could be falseplanned by enemy, who previously interacted with that NPC, which leads to a trap.

15) Intelligence and Counterintelligence:
Ability to intercept enemy communications using REW stations and vehicles.

16) Scenarios:
Variety of game modes focused on small squads teamplay, providing unparralel cooperative missions gamelay against AI.

17) Gestures:
To stay quite for a specific tasks, players may use more then 15 real tactical gestures.

18) Realistic Health and Injury System:
There's no regenerating health. Heavy injuries must be treated by a Medic, and light can be treated by a bandage. Severe injuries result in death, you need to respawn.

19) Persistant Player Progression:
By gaining an experience in coop, you can unlock additional cosmetics and potentially other rewards in the "Volounteer Shop". Historically accurate patches, insignia, emotes, uniform variations (for weather conditions, for example) and upgrades for weapons and vehicles as they progress. All with a tactical design only.

About Developer

Spacedev Games is a young independent (Ukrainian) game development studio that currently focuses exclusively on military themes. By changing strategies we can change your perception of game genres. russians and belarusians do not have access to our products.

When working on historically important games, we try to make the process as engaging and active as possible. For our first cooperative tactical shooter, Glory to the Heroes, we scanned a lot of military equipment from the Russian-Ukrainian war directly from the front line, so it is more than realistic. We plan to make sure that a part of the sales of our products will go to help the Ukrainian military in the future.