Project Introduction

A first-person turn-based dungeon crawler.
Maria fights the undead and each turn in the battle loses mana.
Usually, mana is needed for healing, but you can collect and upgrade magic stones that give you the ability to use battle spells.
When the mana runs out, Maria has to return to the base to recover. During this time, the defeated undead come back to life, so the goal of each run is to explore the level, find treasures, and open shortcuts.
In the treasures, you can find metal ingots that can be used to improve your sword and shield.
When the player opens several shortcuts, he will be able to reach the boss and not spend all the mana on the way.

About Developer

I'm a solo dev from Kyiv.
After university, I realized that I have wanted to make games all my life.
After work, I was trying to make mini-games and learn UE4, reading articles on how games are made and collecting Exp.
At the game jam where I needed to make a dungeoncrawler, I realized that my proto is somehow cool, and I want to make a game out of it.