Project Introduction

It's a a physics-based Action-Roguelike where you grab and throw rocks, missiles, as well as the enemies themselves. The game's physics and fluid controls make for fast-paced and highly creative combat. You fight in elastic bubbles, and can bounce enemies and missiles off the walls. There are also many unique weapons, taking inspiration from games like Enter The Gungeon, as well as lots of Powers and other upgrades. The game let's you fight the way you like, and craft creative builds on each run.

About Developer

One half of the team is from western Europe, and the other half is from Ukraine. To be direct and clear, almost all of the team is hired on contract basis. We have been working together for 3+ years like this now, and will keep going like this. If this doesn't allow participation, we of course understand. We have decided that all the game's profits will be donated to support the people in Ukraine.