Project Introduction

Roleplaying set in a dystopian universe inspired by early twentieth-century wars and Ukrainian folklore. You are Orest, and you might be the last hope of your occupied land. Establish the truths about the world getting drained of its energy, meet captivating characters, and make your land free. Spearhead the Tower, an underground movement fighting for independence, choose the people who stand by your side, learn your family's history, and make your land free of the occupation, once and for all.

Explore the world
Set in a dystopian universe, the world of Freedom Tower is rich with enemies, allies, and all kinds of people and magical spirits in between.

Plan your next steps
Choose your next encounter. Will it be a dialog where you learn more about who you are, and things going on around? A more fact-paced encounter? Maybe a combat scene? Plan wisely.

Develop your characters
Characters excel in various things. Pick up the best ones for the next encounter to succeed, and witness how your characters get Positive Traits as you progress.

Don’t forget to rest
A good rest by the mystical Well guarded by the spirit will replenish your energy and heal the characters’ wounds.

About Developer

Eternal Games is a team of 5developers, consisting of Oleksii Furman (creative director and game designer), Oleh Shtogrin (developer), Anna Mikhel (art director), Viktor Musyal (3D artist) and Anna Novikova (narrative designer).