Project Introduction

New approach to the city-building game genre, or at least we would like to believe in this...
It's an urban puzzle that challenges you to unfold your strategic thinking and unlock your city's full potential through clever synergies.
It places a strong emphasis on uncovering and exploiting the intricate combinations between different buildings, encouraging players to experiment, innovate, and craft a city that will dominate above

“Multiplayer-focused city builder, casual and dynamic in its design.”
“City Builder where strategy trumps traditional management.”

Key Features:
Units and Synergies - (Almost) Endless number of synergies between buildings and factions.
Biomes and Sources - Each one is better for use in different sets of strategies.
Map Generation - Each game gives new challenges and conditions to adapt to.
Mastering Mechanics - Discover new synergies, combinations, and tactics in each game.
Strategy Development - Each choice matters to develop your own strategy for each match.
Territory Capture - Capture and Develop new territories by keeping gameplay dynamic.

About Developer

Studio focused on Unity/Unreal Engine Game Development.
Professional worked on Unity/UE plugins, SDK, VR/AR, and games development services.
And just a small team that lives from freelance, that desired to make something on their own.