Project Introduction

In this game, you play as Arthur who has recently discovered his grandpa's old
fishing book. The journal contains information about mystical fishes that can
only be found in the most remote and treacherous waters of the world. Your
grandpa spent years catching every one of these fish, but unfortunately, he
was never able to complete his quest.
Upon discovering the book, you become inspired by your grandpa's dream and decide to
take on the challenge of catching every mystical fish from the book. The game takes you on
a journey to different parts of the world: from icy lakes to tropical oceans, in search of these
elusive fishes.

About Developer

We are a young, independent and ambitious game development studio that is focused on developing games from scratch, co-developing gaming solutions, fast and efficient game porting. From the start of 2023 we decided to create and release our own project that will be the start of the development as a production company.