Project Introduction

The main task is to build an efficient colony with limited Martian resources. Buildings receive bonuses depending on the neighbors around them. A key element in the player's arsenal is puzzle-like terraforming, which let you clear natural obstacles, or even create lakes or minerals.

Game level (map) is procedurally generated, so each playthrough is unique. In addition to the surface area, there are also underground caves, where you can find unique resources and anomalies.

The game has a campaign mode with a full-fledged story and a free-play mode.There are trade, technology tree, and other great mechanics :)

About Developer

I have quite a lot of experience as an indie developer, released the game Undervault, and several smaller jam titles (in particular for the Ukrainian Global Game Jam). I also worked as a developer on Gloomhaven. We began working on Farlanders together with pixel artist Serhiy Buryak. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, I started hiring other talented people to help us. We are all from Ukraine, except for the story writer who has recently joined us and is from the USA.

Farlanders team is:
Andriy Bychkovskyi - programming, game design, and the rest
Serhiy Buryak - pixel art graphics, illustrations to Farlanders: Prologue and main menu
Roman Yanchyshyn - programming
Ivan Turmenko - sound design
Danylo Dunets - music
Anna Hladkovska - illustrations and UI for the main game campaign
Shervin Zadeh - main game story and flavour text