Project Introduction

You are the Esophaguys, old folks with elongating necks. Stretch, bite, and swing yourself around in 1-4 player mayhem, co-op and competitive. Use the left joystick to move your body and the right joystick to stretch your neck. Can you master the neck physics?

Adventure Mode (1-4 players)

Wiggle alone or together with your friends to find and rescue the lost Esophaguys throughout the world! Progress through unique environments to test your skills, challenge your friendships, and uncover the true nature of the neck.

Mini-game Mode (2-4 players)

Compete against each other in a collection of mini-games! Find out once and for all whose neck is the longest!

May hand drawn animations and environments immerse you in a world all its own.

All audio in Esophaguys comes from two sources: one man's mouth and a variety of jew's harps. Unedited and only recorded, Esophaguys is the first game to feature a soundtrack exclusively dedicated to this instrument. Lose yourself among elderly grunts and twanging tones.

About Developer

Esophaguys is being created by a team of up-and-coming game developers who met at college in Canada. After developing the foundation of the game as their final college project, the team expanded and is now producing a polished experience. We are officially known as Esophaguys LLC and we are currently creating our debut, eponymous game, Esophaguys! We are currently based remotely, connecting across the USA and Canada. We are passionate about bringing unique aesthetics and wonky gameplay together to create experiences filled with laughter.

Our game's audio incorporates musical instruments from Ukraine. The Drymba is an ancient instrument that has a long history in the Carpathian Mountains. We use instruments made by Ukrainian blacksmiths and are happy that we are the first video game to feature this kind of music!