Project Introduction

Game Overview:
The playing field is a path divided into cells. Possible deviations and reductions on the map should be associated with additional risks. Each player controls 4 characters. During his turn, the player rolls a die and can go with only one character. If there are no characters on the field or the dice have fallen so that all characters are blocked, then the player misses the move. The player has a deck of 30 cards. A player can use 2 cards per turn. At the beginning of the turn, the player is dealt 1 card from the deck into his hand. Cards from your hand can be applied to a die roll. Cards can affect what values can fall on a die, temporarily block spaces on the board, make traps on the spaces of the board, etc. The maximum number of cards in the hand can be 5. If a player has 5 cards in his hand at the start of the turn, he is not dealt a card. Boards are divided by size into blitz, standard, and epic. Boards can also be divided according to the environment, for example: a siege of a medieval castle, a crypt with a treasury, a scary forest with a monster's lair, a camp of Roman legionaries, a town in the style of the Wild West with a bank, a night club with a bar, etc. The maps are designed in such a way that they are simply a pleasure to look at between rounds. There are interactive elements on the level that you can click on, for example: you click on the mill and it spins, if you click on the clock in the tower, a cuckoo climbs out, but if you click often, it falls out and breaks, this should entertain the player a little between his rounds. The key goal of the round will always be to complete the task with your group faster than your opponents. Between matches, players can customize the appearance of characters, increase their level and distribute characteristics, and collect new decks. The crafting and looting system will allow you to get new heroes and cards for your collection.

Central plot theme:
The first campaign will tell the story of how chaos invaded a world of balance and order. As the missions progress, the story of the company will be revealed to the player. Narration methods: short dialogues before missions, prompts on loading screens, descriptions of items and heroes. The climax of the first campaign will be the opening of a portal to other worlds, through which chaos entered this world and the realization that the portal works in both directions. As a result of this event, a guild of travelers will appear.

Design pillar:
A fun board game with interesting rules and a nice game environment. Collecting characters and cards. Look for optimal combinations for each level and opponent.

Unique mobile gameplay combines classic board games with tactical strategy and collectible card games.

Lore of the world:
The main confrontation in the game unfolds between order and chaos. The player's kingdom will, by definition, strive for order to one degree or another, and the antagonistic movement will be chaos, wreaking havoc. Despite the fact that the player will have the opportunity to interact with chaos, it will be dangerous for him and fraught with defeat in raids. Although the main conflict is between order and chaos, there is also a struggle within elemental magic: fire vs water, earth vs air. It is important to understand that there is no compromise between order and chaos, it is a struggle for survival. However, the struggle among elemental magic and the factions that represent those elements is a struggle for influence, not survival. After all, all elements balance each other and strive for order. Chaos exploits weaknesses and leans towards itself by giving quick solutions that later turn into much bigger problems.

There are 2 main factions in the game:

- Pantheon of order
- Legion of Chaos

A faction of the Pantheon of Order is an orderly theocratic monarchy. At the helm is the Patriarch of the Order, who presides over the pantheon of elemental factions that make up his council. These factions are allies, but each fights to increase its own influence in relation to the antagonistic faction in the council.

- Flame Order (Fire)
- Peoples of the sea (Water)
- Circle of Druids (Earth)
- Phantom Whirlwinds (Air)

About Developer

Orion Gaming World is a debuting studio in the field of game development. Behind the shoulders of the founder is 10 years of development experience, a mad love for games, and a lot of interesting ideas in his head. The studio is also assisted by a professional artist with 20 years of experience. The company's goal is to popularize games and promote Ukrainian development as a brand.