Project Introduction


When humanity ventured beyond the Solar System, it was met only with impenetrable darkness. But the boundless power of human curiosity sent ship after ship blindly in search of the future.
Finally, this curiosity led to the discovery of Ev - "The Universal Element". Whether it's fate's decision, divine providence, or mere chance - it doesn't matter. What's important is that our company owns the discovery of the element, its first commercial use, and now the complete monopoly on its extraction! Ev has become the Prometheus' Fire for our Civilization; at last, we have emerged from the darkness and have conquered the vast expanse of space, our desires extinguishing and igniting stars. We have seized Olympus and captured its Gods.

The time of Man has come.

Today, dozens of E.V. mines are scattered across the galaxy. As the monopolist in the extraction of E.V., we understand the great responsibility resting on our shoulders. That's why we are looking for talented, meticulous, honest, and most importantly, inspired managers to conduct routine inspections of the mines.

Expeditions to picturesque planets - visit new worlds!
Orbital control of mining bots.
Meticulous journal keeping.

The player takes on the role of an inspector in an interplanetary mining company. Mr. Kurtz - a company legend, has managed to set up a very efficient extraction of E.V. and has held the production record for decades. But the company's management is concerned - his latest communications give the impression that he is a bit out of his mind. The player is tasked with flying out for an inspection to the very outpost.

We manage a swarm of bots; the swarm is fully automated, and we simply use a laser pointer to show them where to move.

By default, the bots are very weak, but they can still handle some enemies.

For killing enemies, the player receives gene cards with unique properties. And by combining cards, you can create entirely new combinations of robot properties, which makes each playthrough interesting. Not only the combination in an individual bot is important but also how it synergizes with the entire swarm.
Some "genes" are better saved for later to use them in combination; together they may yield a more effective result.

The game consists of several randomly generated levels, with a boss at the end. Progress is recorded upon successful level completion.
The game features meta-progression, with the player being given tasks that, when completed, unlock new genes for their deck.

Movement takes place from the bottom up, with a sandstorm pushing the player from behind.

About Developer

We are small, self-funded team who works on the game for almost a year.
We are very passionate about video games, indie video games specifically. We strongly believe that video games is very special form of art - with huge potential
Vladyslav Paley, Rivne- programming, story, game design
Mykhailo Myronenko, Kyiv - programming
Arsenii Tashnizi, Odesa - QA
Semen Tsyviliov, Kyiv - 3D artist
Ivan Zheliezov, Kyiv - 2D artist, art direction
Andrew Bohatov , Mykolaiv - game designer
Vladysav Shevchenko, Lutsk - project managment