Project Introduction

In addition to the main concept of the game, it is planned that the mazes will be generated randomly. Every time the player wants to go from one safe location to another, he will have to go through a new unique maze every time. The game will have many regions such as a park (forest), an amusement park, an old castle and many others.
Each region will have its own story that will tell the fate of the characters of this location and in particular the boss of this location. The game will focus on character interaction, mini-games, and challenges.

About Developer

The first demo prototype is now ready. The game requires a complete reworking of the code and rethinking of some game mechanics, in particular, the battle mechanics will most likely be removed, and the interaction with monsters will be completely rethought.
The development team consists of one person so far, but I will be happy to team up with like-minded people in the future to speed up the development process and make the game better.
The goal of the game is primarily to make an interesting gameplay, as well as to help develop Ukrainian content and, in particular, the Ukrainian video game segment.