Project Introduction

The world portrayed in the story is spooky and devilish with an unfriendly atmosphere and dark humor.

The aim of the game is to escape from hell. To achieve this you can earn money or build relationships with visitors. Players will be faced with the option to either help an individual character or exploit his weaknesses.

Game cycle consists of three phases:
During working hours you earn money by cooking and serving a wide range of dishes.
After the shift ends you can chat with unique visitors and get to know them better. They could help you to unlock new recipes and ingredients.
And then in the preparation phase you can spend money on upgrading and customizing the tavern.

Our serving mechanic is a bit unusual - visitors don't order a specific meal. They only care about the type of dish or the filling. There are different strategies for how to compose your own menu.

About Developer

During a game jam called “gamedev camp” we built the first prototype. We liked it a lot and part of the team continued working on the game.
Our team currently consists of three developers: Mariia 2D artist from Ukraine, Wilhelm programmer from Estonia and Zlata game designer from Ukraine.