Project Introduction

Dive into the magical world of Dad's Dice, where DnD becomes a reality!

Take on the role of a brave dad who ventures without hesitation to aid children kidnapped by a board game. You will have the opportunity to choose one of four heroes: Paladin, Barbarian, Mage or Hunter. Each hero has unique abilities and approaches to the gameplay.

The game is filled with various elements of active combat mechanics. Each character class has its arsenal of weapons. Considering the unique characteristics of each item, choose and customize your equipment to your liking. By combining them with your hero's special abilities, you can create an exceptionally effective character, or conversely, choose equipment that will increase the game's complexity for true challenge enthusiasts.

Navigate through numerous levels that will reveal unique challenges and exciting storyline tasks. Collect lost treasures, defeat terrifying monsters, and most importantly, uncover the mystery of the children's mysterious disappearance!

Luck also plays a significant role, as the outcome of the dice roll will determine the quality of your spells. Strategic decisions and the ability to adapt to randomness are guaranteed to make this game an unpredictable adventure.

Explore the captivating story of Dad's Dice. Roll the dice and test your luck!

About Developer

Mixtape Games is two former university friends who decided to combine their knowledge and creative ideas to overcome the challenges that arose during the pandemic.

Pavlo Ivasyuk is a Unity programmer. He has been in the Ukrainian game development industry since 2015. Was one of the first participants in Global Game Jam Ukraine in 2016. Was a member of the Ukrainian indie team Burp Games and released the game "Deep Ones." Won Global Game Jam Ukraine 2018 in Odessa with the game "H0st."

Bohdan Panasenko is a CGI artist and game designer. He has been in the Ukrainian game development industry since 2019. Participated in Global Game Jam Ukraine. Also taught IT courses, including Unity, Unreal, and game development theory. Worked in a Ukrainian game development company.

Starting work on our first joint project in late 2020, we quickly realized that it wasn't turning out the way we had imagined, and our inspiration was waning. However, in January 2021, our attention shifted to the Global Game Jam. It was then that the concept for the game "Dad's Dice" was born, originally titled "Daddy Cool!" and featuring the eponymous track by Boney M. in the credits.

Our close friends and family made invaluable contributions to the project. Most of them were involved primarily in testing, but some helped with localization, artwork, fresh ideas, helpful advice, and more. For instance, some of the monsters were voiced by Bohdan's daughter, and Pavlo's brother, Artem, is currently actively involved in the development. Artem Ivasiuk is in the 11th grade and plans to pursue a career in game development after finishing school.