Project Introduction

Step into the story of BROKEN LIFE a 2D point-and-click adventure that is the result of my passion for videogames and hard work. As the sole developer behind this project, I've tried to create an experience that explores deep emotions in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war.

BROKEN LIFE is a story-driven game that puts you in center of the narrative. Every choice you make matters and shapes the outcome of the story. You will journey through the moody 2D side-scrolling landscapes, solving puzzles that are seamlessly integrated into the gripping storyline.

Some features:
- Emotional Storytelling: Dive into a post-apocalyptic world and discover a story that touches on the depths of human emotions and experiences.
- Inspired by Cruel Reality: As a Ukrainian citizen, I am a witness to the horrors of war.. This game is not based on a true story, but it reflects real emotions and experiences of living through war.
- Meaningful Choices: Your decisions have consequences and affect the fate of the characters and the world. There is no right or wrong answer, only different paths to take.
- Atmospheric Design: Explore a carefully crafted environment, filled with an emotional and dark ambiance.
- Challenging Puzzles: Solve puzzles that challenge your logic and creativity, while advancing the narrative.
- Immersive Soundscapes: Enjoy the atmospheric sound design and soulful music that enhance the mood and immersion.
- Made with Love: As a solo developer, I have put my heart and soul into every aspect of the game, from graphics to design and music.

About Developer

Hi everyone. My name is Kostiantyn Reus. If you're here, you've probably already checked out my debut project Broken Life, or you still have a chance to.

There is a lot to tell about myself. During my life, I was a lawyer, an organizer of cosplay festivals in Ukraine, an event manager, the owner of an anime store and a cosplay craft studio. But I always had passion to videogames. After gaining a couple of years of experience in a large gamedev company as a game designer, I went free to realize my full potential.

The idea of BROKEN LIFE was born, like Archimedes, in the bath. During the blackouts last year, I wanted to create a project that would tell the world about the war in Ukraine and show real experience of living through war. The project transformed, increased in details and I hope to see it finished in the spring of 2024.

Thank you for your attention to me and my work. I hope you like it.