Project Introduction

Making his way through trap-filled tunnels and labyrinths, the main character searches for the Book of Relics which contains a secret of how to reincarnate the world after the apocalyptic religious war.

Playing fast and aggressively or slow and steady — entirely up to you. Master your platforming skills while investigating the lore of the enigmatic temple by collecting fragments of frescoes.

Explore monumental brutalist dungeons and claustrophobic tunnels. Retro-stylized graphics and sounds from the early 00s will take you back to the golden days of gaming when games were crafted with heart and soul.

About Developer

Now there are four people in our team:
Ivan - Director, Sound Designer
Taras - Developer, VFX
Ksu - 3D Artist, Environment Artist
Stepan - UI/UX Design, 3D Artist

In the current composition, we gathered in April 2023 to start working on Blessed Burden. Although we have known each other for a long time, it initially took several months to adjust the development processes. Therefore, the full development of Blessed Burden began only in July 2023.

Before that, in February 2023, Ivan and Taras released Museum of Monoliths. It's a small niche walking simulator with an interactive soundtrack.

Before the full-scale invasion, all team members lived in different cities. Still, in February 2022, Ksu and Taras were forced to leave Kharkiv and occupied Kherson, respectively, and live with Ivan in Ivano-Frankivsk for two months until they found another place to live. This factor also played a role in the formation of the team.

In addition, Ivan, Taras, and Ksu are also part of the Marevo Collective team.