Project Introduction

The game is more emotionally similar to an RTS, as we're not alone but with a hero, and there's often a feeling of, "I'm going to take them down now! I have a massive army; I'll give them a beating!" This significantly differs from the RPG experience where the hero is on their own against hordes of enemies.

We play as a solo character, summon units, and they constitute our primary fighting force. We can also cast various spells.

We move using the WASD keys, and there are passive spells, similar to Vampire Survivors.

We start with nothing (but meta-game power-ups are possible), and during the session, we unlock new skills from a list of available ones, just like in Vampire Survivors.

The game level is divided into several stages, with a system similar to Diablo. Different quests may appear during these stages (defeat n enemies, find x items, and so on), and rewards are given in the form of items. At the end of each stage, there is a main boss with their army.

There is a planned item system for both core gameplay and meta-gameplay.

Before each session, we choose a biome and have a choice of various heroes with unique skills.

Cooperative play is planned.

About Developer

We are all located in Ukraine, and we are all Ukrainians. Some of us have many years of experience in mobile games with millions of downloads, while others are students. Everyone has had previous indie projects, but we lack professional expertise in console gaming.