Project Introduction

Enter the mystical Aris Archives as Clyde Colegrave, a magic-obsessed cult leader struggling with a mysterious disease. Search for the cure in the labyrinth of the forsaken library, constrained by the cane and the sickness but empowered by Ink Magic.

Combat & Movement

Our protagonist, Clyde, is afflicted by a mysterious disease that affects his mobility. Despite wielding formidable magic, players must navigate the challenges of combat while constrained by the cane and the illness.

Ink Magic System

By mixing spell-crafting and deck-building, Aris Arcanum lets you shape your arsenal of hand-crafted spells in each roguelike cycle, allowing you to form strategies around your favourite playstyle.

Arcane Library

Once a thriving academy, now it is steeped in abandonment, inhabited by abominations of magic. The depths of the library morph into wild overgrown gardens and ancient observatories sunken into the cosmic void.

About Developer

Broken Cane is a small indie studio with a diverse crew of international professionals based in Espoo, Finland. In particular, our narrative designer Lera is Ukrainian, who moved to Finland after russia started its full-scale invasion.

We are united by a vision to create high-quality PC-first games with personality. We are eager to explore rare game aesthetics and unique takes on existing gameplay systems to bring novel experiences to players. In our debut action roguelike Aris Arcanum, these goals are reflected in the Victorian arcane setting brought to life through comic-inspired hand-painted art paired with a new approach to combat dynamics.