Project Introduction

The player takes on the role of a spark, the lowest caste of their people. After absorbing the energy of a higher being, he gain incredible abilities that can be developed and enhanced on his journey.

Players will face numerous challenging boss battles, where it's not always necessary to kill the bosses. The player's choices will determine the difficulty of future encounters.

Players will have the opportunity to rescue main character's fellow countrymen, build, and develop a new settlement for them.

Platforming will play a significant role in the game, requiring not only high jumping skills but also attentiveness and cleverness.

Exploring the world and delving into the histories of individual characters will enable players to complete hidden quests and discover concealed ancient artifacts with unique abilities, as well as unlock new locations.

Most of the player's actions and decisions will impact the development of the storyline and the game's ending.

About Developer

We love games, so we decided to make them. At the beginning of game development, there were only two of us, me and my wife. Later, another member, Denis, joined us, and thanks to him, the game has unique sound.

All of us have primary jobs unrelated to game development, but we dedicate most of our free time to our project.