Project Introduction

The key game mechanic is the ability to influence the plot and have different consequences based on your actions. All interactivity is designed to enhance immersion in the storyline.

Immersion is achieved through various means, including art, the need to type on the keyboard during messaging, sound effects (in addition to music, there will be, for example, gunshot effects when mentioned in the text), timers during stressful situations in the plot, and the ability to add a contact for the person you are conversing with.

Currently, the storyline is fully developed, there is a working Android build, and art for 6.5 out of 10 levels. We are currently working on transitioning the game to Unity, translating the text (we originally wrote it in Russian before the invasion. The game was put on hold, and we recently resumed work), and completely redesigning the art.

About Developer

The team consists of 5 people responsible for different areas:

1. Producer (the person who assembled everyone and provided tasks), a screenwriter (Works as a producer in a game development company).
2. Screenwriter (works as a news editor).
3. Developer (works as a programmer in a product company).
4. UI/UX designer (works as a game designer in a game development company).
5. Sound designer (works as a business analyst in a product company).
The team also included an artist. Shortly before the invasion, she became the mother of twins, moved abroad during the war, and contact was lost.