Project Introduction

In the game you start with absolutely nothing: just a few tools like axe and pickaxe. You have to mine resources, cut trees, build manufacturings that allow production of more sophisticated materials and goods like cannons, metal, ships, etc. Each building can be upgraded three times to increase the output. Each upgrade has unique art that visually shows its level. The higher the level the better the building is :)

Your task is to satisfy manufacturings inputs in order to produce more complex goods or materials. This is called production chains.

Take an example: Hire A Warrior. To hire a warrior you need:
- firearm
- money
- horse

To produce a firearm:
- metal
- logs
- planks

To produce metal:
- coal
- iron ore

And so on.

The longests production chain is 7 levels deep!


The game included 49 quests. You find quest givers on the map in new unlocked areas. Quests differ from 'bring us logs' to "You need to form a backup squad for our troops besieging Azov fortress".


The game also provides a nice scene to check the player's stats: how many trees cut, grown, how many warriors hired and steps taken.


We have hired a professional Bandura player to write 3 sound tracks for our game. Music is naturally integrated into the game via the wandering musicians called Kobzars. Just walk towards them and listen to the gorgeous songs!

About Developer

The team consists of lead game developer and gameplay designer: Dmytro Gladkyi (me) and art desinger: Svitlana Gladka. Music by: Vikuletka

I have been doing game development in "Ukrainian" topic since 2018. I have formed my own game universe called "Loca Deserta" that roughly translates as "Wild lands". A very specific place in Ukrainian history where our nation was formed by cossack warriors.

I already developed 4 games all set in my own universe:

- Chumaki. Trade simulation game.
- Sloboda (first old version). A simulator of an Otaman in Wild Lands.
- Hex. Puzzle.
- Loca Deserta: Interactive Stories.

How am I connected to Ukraine? I have been an active member of living history club dedicated to the XVII century epoch. More precisely: cossack warriors of the Khmelnitsky times. In 2018 I decided to create my first game set in Ukraine and in our history. I want cossacks to be as recognisable as vikings. For this we need to maek as many games as possible, write as many books/stories as possible...To my surprise all local Ukrainian developers avoid our own history and just take some other settings to make a game. I want to change this and my goal is to make Gothic remake but set in Ukraine in XVII century. That's why with each game I level up my skills and create more sophisticated gameplays and mechanics. For example, I already started working on my nextd game called so far: "Cossacks: The Horror of Black Sea".

Also, to support our local community, we made ALL our art publicly available: It consists hundreds of voxel/lowpoly models that can be used in games about Ukraine. This is our small contribution to the Ukrainain Game Dev Community.