Help Indie Cup raise money
to support Ukraine

3D illustration of a trophy with yellow and blue gradient on its surface.

As part of Indie Cup Ukraine’22 we are now raising funds for a number of important initiatives. And we need your help.

Here’s the plan: we open a new fundraising campaign as soon we close the previous one, and we go like that until the festival is over on December 22. You’ll find reports on each closed campaign on this page, as well as on our social media.

We are collaborating on every planned campaign with trusted volunteers and NGOs in Ukraine. Both campaigns for the Armed Forces and Ukrainian civilians are planned.

The first two campaigns are now live. The best way to support them is via PayPal. You’ll find how to do it by clicking the PayPal button below.

Thank you for your support. Ukraine will prevail.

Campaign 03 — Kharkiv Direction

Bandera Power x4

AFU units in eastern Ukraine need to fortify their positions. Afforable and sturdy Bandera power stations will help them stay connected.

This campaign is a collaboration with the 5th Peron of Ukraine volunteer organization that has been systemically helping both AFU soldiers and civilians since the beginning of the war.

The stated fundraising goal covers the purchase of four Bandera Power units. Excessive funds will be spent on additional Bandera Power units.

Campaign 02 — Mykolaiv

Water Truck

Mykolaiv is without clean water for over 6 months. A truck will help volunteers deliver it to civilians in the city.

This campaign is a collaboration with the Peaceful Sky of Mykolaiv NGO, which delivered more than 200 tons humanitarian aid since the start of the invasion, as well as launching other initiatives.

The stated fundraising goal is a part of the necessary sum for the purchase of the truck. Any excessive funds will be added to the final sum to be donated.

GOAL — 3,000 €

Campaign 01 — Bakhmut

DJI Mavic 3 Recon Drone

Bakhmut is being attacked by russian forces. A new recon drone will help the 93rd Brigade defend the city.

This campaign is a collaboration with prolific Ukrainian volunteers Naya Novak and Pavlo Bondarenko, who raised over $500,000 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The stated fundraising goal covers the purchase of one DJI Mavic 3 drone. Any excessive funds will be spent on batteries ($194 each).


GOAL — 2,629 €


If you or your company donate at least $1,000 for any of our fundraising campaigns, you will get all of our sponsor perks for this season. Your brand’s logo will be highlighted on our website and social media, and you will be the first to learn the details behind the games participating in this season.

To become a superdonor please donate at least $1,000 to any of the active campaigns listed above and click the button below to get in touch with us.