Oct 25 – Dec 22, 2022

3D illustration of a trophy with yellow and blue gradient on its surface.

Welcome to Indie Cup Ukraine’22 games showcase!

In the last four weeks we have gathered 60 upcoming indie games made by Ukrainian independent developers. These are the games of war: some of them are telling war stories, some are serving as an escape hatch from it. Their code is written to the sound of air raid alerts. Their art is drawn on screens filled with news about deaths and blackouts.

All submissions are now available on the showcase page, where you can browse them by platform, status, genre or demo availability. By the way, this season is featuring 30 free demos!

In other news, the first jurying round has already begun. You can see the full list of the jurors on this page. With constant blackouts and russia's air raids, this will be the hardest jurying in our history. We plan to announce the nominees on December 8.

We also want to remind you that we continue to raise money for two important initiatives. Your donation can help us buy power stations for AFU or a truck to deliver humanitarian aid to Mykolaiv and Kherson.

We’re super thankful to everyone who are joining us this season. No matter what, we will prevail!

Key dates

  • Submissions
    Oct 25 – Nov 21

  • Games Showcase
    Starting Nov 24

  • Jurying I
    Nov 24 – Dec 5

  • Nominees Reveal
    Dec 8

  • Jurying II
    Dec 8 – Dec 19

  • Winners Reveal
    Dec 22

Current Fundraising Campaigns Learn more →

Bandera Power ×4

Goal — 2,596 €

AFU units in eastern Ukraine need to fortify their positions. Afforable and sturdy Bandera power stations will help them stay connected.

Water Truck

Goal — 3,000 €

Mykolaiv is without clean water for over 6 months. A truck will help volunteers deliver it to civilians in the city.


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Your company can also become an Indie Cup Ukraine’22 superdonor. To become a superdonor, make a donation of at least $1,000 to any of the active Indie Cup fundraising campaigns. All superdonors get the full Indie Cup sponsorship package. To learn more, please send us an email.

The Jury

Official Selection

Grand Jury Award

For the best overall entry

Open to

All submissions eligible for Indie Cup Ukraine’22


To be announced

Jury panel ↓

Rising Star Award

For emerging developers

Open to

Submissions developed by 1-5 developers without a publisher


To be announced

Jury panel ↓

Critics’ Choice Award

Selected by experts

Open to

All submissions eligible for Indie Cup Ukraine’22


To be announced

Jury panel ↓

Secret Award

Announced on December 8