Indie Cup Is Ukraine

On 24 February, 2022, russian federation soldiers carried out their criminal orders and crossed the border into Ukraine.

This was the beginning of a senseless, unjust and cruel war. The russian agression has killed thousands of peaceful Ukrainians. Millions more have become refugees.

russian soldiers in Ukraine are murdering children and civilians, while russian artillery is shelling residential areas. There are no reasons for this, and there is no excuse.

But we will prevail. And until then, we will continue to work.

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Indie Cup’s team lives in Ukraine. The war forced each of us to change our plans — today we’re not only organizing a contest, but also volunteering, donating money, donating blood, building dugouts and helping our loved ones escape from the war. Some of us cannot return to Ukraine, and some took a break from work to defend our country at the frontlines.

As long as the core of our team stays safe, we will continue to work on the contest. For a simple reason — neither russian tanks nor russian soldiers can scare us.

Charities & donations

Your money can help Ukraine defend itself against the russian aggression. Here are a few organizations that we trust:⠀

Come Back Alive foundation log

Come Back Alive

The largest charitable foundation in Ukraine that has been supporting the army since 2014. The organization operates on the principles of open reporting. Donation to Come Back Alive is one of the most effective ways to support the Ukrainian army during the war.⠀


Charitable foundations

National Bank of Ukraine


Today, there are dozens of charitable organizations in Ukraine that provide aid to the Ukrainian army, refugees and war victims. You’ll find more of them listed on Support Ukraine NowStand for Ukraine or Ukraine Helpers.

Please choose local funds that work directly on the territory of Ukraine. Large organizations like the International Committe of the Red Cross are inefficient.

For our readers in Ukraine (in Ukrainian)

За можливістю залишайтеся в безпеці. І не забувайте, що ми переможемо.

На сайтах «ВзаємоДія» та Stand With Ukraine є уся необхідна інформація щодо поведінки під час війни — від порад як безпечно пройти блокпост до інструкії з виживання під час хімічної атаки. Також там є мапи працюючих супермаркетів, аптек та зоомагазинів, перелік корисних Telegram-ботів та багато іншого.

Якщо вам довелося залишити свій будинок, знайти тимчасове житло можна на сайтах «Прихисток», My Home Is Your Home, Shelter for UA або I Can Help.

Якщо у вас є можливість допомогти, зареєструйтесь на платформі People for UA. Це потрібно, щоб координатори Міністерства оборони України ефективно розподілили волонтерські ресурси територією нашої країни.

Якщо ви захищаєте нашу країну на фронті і вам потрібна допомога, напишіть нам, щоб ми розповсюдили цю інформацію своїми каналами.

Написати нам

For our readers in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechia and other countries

Visit Support Ukraine Now to learn how you can help Ukrainians at the time of war. We ask you to support our refugees in your country, attend pro-Ukraine rallies to show your support, and spread verified information about the russian attack on Ukraine to counter russian propaganda efforts.

  1. Demand action from your political leaders that would isolate russia and destroy its economy;
  2. Demand from your political leaders to send weaponry and other resources to Ukraine;
  3. Support pro-Ukrainian causes and initiatives.

If you’re a part of the gaming industry, try to hire people who had to leave Ukraine. These are amazing professionals — and you’ll support our refugees and Ukrainian economy at the same time.

Studios registered in russia or Belarus, as well as residents of these countries, will not participate in our future events while the war is going on

If you pay taxes in russia or Belarus, we will not work with you — this money buys ammunition that destroys our homes.

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Indie Cup’s mission has always been to support independent developers. Today, it’s also to support our independent homeland.