Project Introduction

I'm a long-time fan of physical and digital collectible card games. However, many of the digital card games available are either deckbuilders, or collectible card games that focus on the multiplayer experience - with the attendant stress and, sometimes, toxicity. In Zero Division, I wanted to create a single-player experience that combines the rich decision spaces of a collectible card game with the single-player focus and replayability of a roguelite. In particular, my design goal is to create almost puzzle-like challenges which seem daunting at first glance, but which - by thinking creatively and strategically about the actions and interactions available to the player - can be solved flawlessly.


- Play as a crew of 3 scrappy cyberpunk misfits, assembled from 9 characters each belonging to 3 distinct classes: Guardian, Assault, and Specialist.
- Each operator is armed with their own 30-card deck, stacked with 12 signature cards and 18+ customizable slots. No deck thinning - modify your deck at any time, subject to the 30-card minimum.
- Overcome 12+ powerful bosses, each with their own exhilarating mechanics and abilities, across multiple phases of combat.
- Earn Mnemosynth through your runs, and use these synthetic memories to permanently imprint cards into your collection through the Failsafe system.
- Explore 3 out of the 7 shattered districts of Zerzura City and reveal their secrets in Campaign Mode, a replayable roguelite experience.
- Face-off against a gauntlet of randomized encounters in Draft Mode, a boss rush experience with CCG-style drafting.

About Developer

I'm a solo hobbyist developer living in London. I've been working on Zero Division for the past 2.5 years on an evenings-and-weekends basis. Unfortunately, I have no previous coding experience, so I'm aiming to pick up the basics from scratch and using visual scripting to build the game - it's been an interesting and rewarding experience so far for a hobbyist!