The Garden Path


In The Garden Path you play as a new gardener in an old garden. Find plants to cultivate, whistle to charm song-fish in a unique fishing mini-game, trade what you harvest, and take part in events across the passing days. Throughout your wanderings, players may come across pages from a curious time-worn journal that can be gathered together to uncover the lost history of the Garden.

The Garden Path is designed to be played in short bursts as and when you wish, and time in-game runs in concert with the outside world. Players can wander whenever the mood takes you and you'll find new travelers, events, activities, and distractions waiting for you each day.

Meet a charming cast of vegetable-headed visitors who may even make their home alongside your own. Over time, an endearing troupe of travelers will also come and go. From Bunk the tea-brewing macaque, to Larto the musk ox with a penchant for song-fish, and many more.

With a unique hand-drawn aesthetic, The Garden Path’s stunning visual design embraces players from the start. Build a new haven in a storybook-style garden, a place to visit and get lost in the melodies, with two original soundtracks, each unique to Night and Day.

About Developer

The Garden Path is being made my Louis Durrant, an illustrator and game developer living and working in Bristol in the UK. An illustrator at heart, Louis has worked freelance on a variety of projects including board games, children's stories (Please & Thank You to the Moon), book covers, and non-profit projects (Stand For Trees).

In 2006 they first began creating digital artwork, animations, and games on Macromedia Flash and then built his first experimental pieces, later released on as Crossing to the Cold Valley and Kingdom Ka. What started as a solution to a problem is now a big part of the reason The Garden Path is being made!