Regulator City


Regulator City is a top-down roguelike where you do not play as a single character but you have an AI controlled team supporting your every move. You lead the way, but you can hang back as your team takes out the various bad-elements in the city.

An Asteroid crashed in Regulator City, and an Alien substance called the Ooze started seeping out of it. This was quickly turned into a drug mutating who-ever Oozes up on it. Gangs around the city have been using it to become stronger and more dangerous.. but our scientists made a safe version to level the playing field by giving you super abilities!

So come lead your team to regulate the city and control the Ooze!

Either sneak around, or go in full guns blazing, it's up to you and your team. Complete various missions per city block, with different buildings requiring different tactics and ways to lead your team.

About Developer

Developed by Orangepixel, indie game developer since 2004, taking care of code,design and graphics giving each game a certain personality. Teaming up with a small group of freelance partners and friends for highres art, music, sound effects and console porting work on the Orangepixel games.

For Regulator City, Orangepixel was joined by Robert Fenn and Harry Sprinks for audio duties, Dylan MacGillavry for additional pixel-art and Friedel Verpoort for console versions.