Phoenix Springs

Calligram Studio

Phoenix Springs is a mystery adventure game that updates the classic point-and-click for the modern player.

With frustration-free controls and a streamlined, minimalist UI, the player must connect leads and clues with the world or mention them in conversations to progress. Their inventory is a mind map, where every concept can be a clue or a red herring.

After Iris, a hardener reporter, reconnects with her estranged brother, she finds herself in Phoenix Springs, a desert oasis inhabited by an enigmatic community. Amidst lush ruins and peaceful waters, she must unveil the dark mysteries that link the place, the people, the myths – and herself.

About Developer

Hi, there are three of us: Florian, Eleanor and Alex. We're more of a garage band than a game studio.

Florian and Eleanor are a married couple based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Florian is the game designer and writer. Eleanor is the illustrator, art director and 2D animator.

Our friend Alex, originally from Norwich, is the sound designer. His wife Leah is an opera singer, whose voice you can hear in the main Phoenix Springs theme.

There's also the talented Alexandra, who voices our main character. She's in Devon.