Mudborne is a laid-back nature sim game about breeding & collecting frogs!
Visited in your dreams by a mysterious deity, you begin a journey to help rediscover Her lost children.

- Finally reach your life goals and become an actual frog!
- Find and collect different mushrooms to help buff (or debuff) your frogs
- Play god and manipulate your frogs genetics to find new species
- One of the frogs has a tiny hat!!! GOTY contender????

Mudborne spawned as a small week-long gamejam, #FletchFest, organised by FletchMakes!
The result is the game you can play for free over on, with music by Mothense! :D

I've always joked about making "APICO but frog", but it's never been much more than that - with the gamejam theme of "pond" however it seemed like a good opportunity to make it a reality!

With Mudborne I wanted to play more with the idea of direct manipulation & min/max-ing of genetics to find new species (rather than just slapping bees together), as well as some more interesting nature mechanics - while still bringing the same menu management & crafting minigame vibes you all know and love (along with all the learning I've had making APICO!)

I've got lots of ideas for this concept and would love to turn this into a more fleshed out demo and maybe even a full game if people are interested, so I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback!

About Developer

I started making games in 2020 during the COVID lockdown as I was furloughed from work. I'd had many years experience in software development but never game development!

From this experimentation I created my first game APICO, along with my brother (Metakitkat) who did the writing and helped with the game design! Together under the name of "TNgineers" we've been working on more updates for APICO alongside a new game, Feed The Beasts, a factory + cooking sim mashup.

I've been experimenting on my own with various different game ideas, Mudborne was one of these I created during a small week long gamejam!