Loco Motive

Robust Games

On the eve of a landmark speech by the wealthy heiress Lady Unterwald, a straight-laced lawyer, a crime novelist-turned-rookie detective, and an undercover spy find themselves embroiled in a murder, a mystery, and worst of all… an adventure! Now stuck onboard a luxurious steam train, within stabbing distance of a cold-blooded killer, the race is on to prove their innocence once and for all!

Loco Motive is a slapstick adventure, packed full of deadly surprises, shocking twists, and larger-than-life characters! Play as Diana, Arthur, and Herman to unwrap the mystery and put your point-and-click puzzle-solving skills to the test.

About Developer

Loco Motive is being developed by Robust Games, a UK indie studio founded by brothers Adam and Joseph Riches.

Loco Motive is the studio’s first full game release, inspired by the point-and-click games of their childhood. Prior to forming Robust Games, Adam was an Artist at Chucklefish, working on titles such as Starbound and Wargroove, and Joseph was a software developer with a focus on Unity apps and full-stack web applications for educational games.

Loco Motive originally started as a 2-week game jam ‘proof-of-concept’ as part of AdvXJam 2020 on itch.io. Adam and Joseph enjoyed working on the game jam so much they decided to take the concept and turn it into something much bigger!