Isle of Swaps

Fuzz Force

The worldwide phenomenon of Critters has the world in its grip and the newest collectable, the Critter Trading Card Game, has just been released!
Dina is Critter mad and has been begging her parents for a week to get her some cards. Yesterday they relented and have bought her a starter deck and a lovely binder to keep them in but it's not enough, she wants all the Critter Cards.
The school day has ended and it's time to explore the island on Dina's mission to collect the full set!

Adventure around Dina's island discovering locations filled with characters ready to swap cards or challenge them to Critter Battles. Swap cards to fill up your binder full of these magical new Critters, then combine them with Support cards to make a battle deck.
Critter Battles take place in two phases, the first is a pick and ban of support cards, the second is an autobattle as Critter abilities trigger automatically! Planning ahead and deck composition is key to winning the battles. However becoming a champion isn't the aim of the game, it's all about collecting every single card. The joy of a master set!

Isle of Swaps has been inspired by my childhood of swapping pokemon cards on the school playground. It was a great time where no one got left out.

About Developer

Fuzz Force was started up by a single game artist frustrated with only being able to make pictures of game prototypes instead of something playable. At the end of 2018, Alan Igle knuckled down and learned some coding and within a month, a playable prototype of a little fox moving around a board was created. This went on to become Fuzz Force: Spook Squad and everyday since has been a satisfying day of creating games featuring colourful animal characters