Project Introduction

Hellscreen is a game heavily inspired by old-school FPS classics like Doom, Quake and Jedi Knight. The twist? The player's main view has a rearview mirror, allowing the player to keep an eye on their back, as well as fire behind themselves, see enemies invisible to the naked eye and also hidden objects.
Players have described Hellscreen as "A really fucked up racing game" because of the fluid movement and dual perspectives.
Hellscreen also uses a non-linear map progression system, inspired by Super Mario 64. The player must collect soul cores which unlock doors in a hub world. These doors require a certain amount of cores to unlock and with the metroidvania aspects of the game, players are encouraged to backtrack to find these cores in each map.

The hyper-stylised art direction lends itself to the digital hellscape of which the game is set in and it pays a big tribute to the designs of H.R Giger.

The narrative is as follows:
Millennia ago, ancient gods, tired of living for all eternity wish to experience the one thing they have never done; Death.
To ensure that the god's work would not be neglected, they created various machines. One of these machines determines which souls go to heaven and which to hell.
It worked well for a time but long after the gods had died, the Hellscreen machine began to malfunction.

The player is recently deceased and the machine puts them in Hell rather than Heaven and so the player must travel to the Hellscreen machine and destroy it to reset the right order of things.

Other interesting things to note include the game being made with Playmaker - a node-based visual scripting language.
The game's music was made through a combination of "Music 2000" for the PlayStation 1 and also "Korg gadget " on the Nintendo switch.

About Developer

The game was made by just myself and has taken over 7 years to get to where it is now. It is pretty much the first game I started.
I have been part of the UK industry for nearly 15 years and have also been a part of the indie scene for close to 8 years and routinely play other dev's games to give feedback and advice.