Death of the Reprobate

Joe Richardson

Immortal John is dying. As his last surviving heir, you have been summoned to hear his dying wish. Will he ask you to avenge his death!? To murder all those who have wronged him!!? To bring to fruition his life long plan to topple the ruling elite from within, shattering the balance of power, and ultimately saving the world!!!? Or will he simply ask you to stop being such a c***?

Only time will tell. Or me, I can tell you – It's the last one.

Death of the Reprobate is a gentle story about helping people and being a nice lad. Travel around a quiet, rural town - help the locals in their day to day tasks. Wander into the nearby woods - make idle chit-chit with a woman submerged neck-deep in a tiny pond. Climb to an idyllic viewpoint in the mountains, overlooking earth and sea and sky, the natural and the man-made, the eternal mystery held within the infinite depths of the distant horizon - help a man shoot some birds. This is a classic point-and-click adventure game full of slow burning simple pleasures...

...Until the Devil gets involved.

About Developer

I'm just a silly man making video games from a desk in the corner of my sons bedroom.