Zombie Hunter

Deep Low Doc


The game is a non-stop action in the spirit of Alien Shooter and Crimsonland.


The game is an isometric shooter in the setting of the zombie apocalypse.

Background: Zombie epidemic, secret experiments, survivors trying to reclaim territories and lost technologies from the army of the living dead.

Gameplay: the player moves through the level, kills zombies, collecting weapons and ammunition. The goal can be either to get from point A to point B, or to destroy all zombies / as many zombies as possible, while the player is alive or the timer does not end.
A story mode is planned, where the player acts as a professional zombie hunter, fulfilling contracts for cleaning up territories after a zombie epidemic and searching for lost technologies (as well as food, fuel, what else the survivalists need there ... salt, matches, toilet paper).

Про команду

Deep Loц Doс is a one-person company, owned by a large indie team of 4 people in mind and soul. We are based deep in Siberia, in Tomsk city.

I work mainly on Zombie Hunter, and Amir helps me in part (some of the 3D models, prototyping levels, editing videos).

We also have projects of other games, some of which are submitted to competitions, some of which have not yet been submitted to the public. :) Ulyana (sound design, screenplay and narrative design) and Umi (2D art) are also working on these projects.

We met thanks to the Tomsk game development school, which was held by the Tomsk studio Sever for a couple of years. As part of the school, we gained a unique and very valuable experience in the development of computer games, and found a lot of people interested in game development (and collected prototypes of a variety of games: mobile turn-based rogue-like in the setting of ancient Egypt, Dungeon Crawler with rock-paper-scissors mechanics, horror with random generation of levels, opponents and items).