Stones Keeper

SK Team

W21 / Critics’ Choice / Shortlist
W21 / Rising Star / Shortlist


A turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting with flying castles and a dynamic combat system.


A turn-based fantasy strategy game that will allow the player to take part in the conflict unfolding on the planet Tania Australis, as a result of which the world is plunged into chaos of internecine war. In the campaign, the player will have to fight for the Order of the Screaming Griffin, confront hordes of undead, orcs and other races that inhabit this world. Plunge into the world of intrigue, war and try to unravel the secrets of the planet once abandoned by the race of the Ancients Gods.

Про команду

Programmer: Pavel Nikulenko, Minsk
Game designer: Ushakov Kirill, Moscow
2D artist: Alexander Poroshin, Ukraine

Several years ago we met at the game dev forum and decided to start making our own project. You can see what came of it here.