Sayri Adventure

Vidloonnya Reborn

Sayri Adventure: find a new homeland
Опис гри

Sayri Adventure is not just yet another common-looking indie game. We’ve developed an art house project featuring a combination of simple but impressive graphical style, completely innovative approach to the hero’s mechanics and interacting with different creatures, and unique extraterrestrial game world.

We’re trying to add a new value to the gamer’s experience. At the same time, we’re trying to please maximum target auditory from kids to adults and families. We’d like to depict our hero as a victim of a cataclysm, thrown to the unknown place, but strong enough to become a leader. Sayri tries to survive and to find a new homeland. At the same time Sayri needs to protects his friends of the dying world, which are going to assist him in his mission.

Sayri Adventure is a combination of exploration and puzzle-solving game happening in open world and based on a narrative linear story. Sayri has two abilities: to see the life forms with his x-ray power and to make other creatures following him. We’ve combined these two mechanics of the main hero to keep the gameplay as interesting as possible