Quest Tale



With this project we want to tell a touching story to the player. Not all games should be about violence and simple clickers.


QuestTale - A story about a boy and his friends who encounter mystical forces and mistrust from adults. The heroes learn that ancient legends and fairy tales will come to life and only together will they be able to overcome all their fears and confront the ancient evil.

Про команду

My name is Sergey Popov. More than 15 years in game industry. Last year I gathered Exo404 team and our project QuestTale (working name) - our first product as a team. Of course, before that there were many successful and unsuccessful projects.

Now we have 3 people in our team: myself, a 3D artist and a coder. We are located in Yakutsk.

The project is still at an early stage. I would like to get more feedback from experienced players. Tips on how to develop the company and establish connections.