S’21 / Shortlist 001 (Best PC Game)
S’21 / Shortlist 003 (Rising Star)


Halve the blocks into two equal parts and solve the unique puzzles in a game with blueprint visual style and meditative music.


Halver — is an abstract adventure about rectangle in the blueprint world. The main character can jump and shoot other blocks to divide them into two equal parts

Key features

- Unique gaming experience
The set of familiar and new mechanics will give a memorable feelings. Emotions that haven’t been yet

- Space for creativity
Ability to combine a variety of game objects allows you to invent original puzzle solutions

- Own visual style
Interactive animations and measuring lines form a strict blueprint atmosphere. Light effects and emitted particles bring saturation and vivid contrast

- Carefully created levels
Each of the 60 levels in the game is an art object, a story conveyed through a shape

- Ambient music accompaniment
Meditative soundtrack free from disturbing motifs, relaxes and facilitates immersion

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We are two indie developers who makes games to bring more meaning to our lives.