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Fusion is a sci-fi third-person shooter with the survival horror elements. Fight against escaped Slavic deities in a sci-fi setting.


Fusion is a sci-fi third-person shooter game with the survival horror elements. This is a new franchise based on Slavic mythology.

The game places the player at the floor of station Black Mountain with lots of questions and no answers. It is the player's job to unravel the mystery of what happened and who is responsible for everything. The protagonist’s main task is to survive and leave the station.

The game world is planned to be presented as the underground station. It’s based on two different worlds: the underworld (Nav) and our world (Yav) where the players will be placed.  The Nav world is the place where most of the enemies came from, and where 3 divine beings were locked: Mära, Chort and Chornobog. And their "dog" named Poterchata. The station is the hassle place, many enemies, dark creatures, survivors with their own interests which most of the time are not the same as the protagonists. A Dangerous place where you need to survive.

The core gameplay in Fusion will be a mix of shooting, tactics and stealth combined with a limited melee combat system. Also the game will have an upgrade system for both main characters and weapons. More specific weapons will be used to solve puzzles and improvise on different strong sides of the enemies.

Про команду

There are 4 people in our team. 3 programmers and 1 game designer. We got together a couple of years ago because we wanted to make our own games and open a studio in the future. Sometimes we find enthusiasts who help us with non-technical tasks. Previously, we thought about what kind of game to make. We made a prototype of a fast shooter, then we wanted an open world game, then a corridor horror. Then we started developing mini RPG and realized that it was difficult to do something without a sufficient amount of content. We looked at the assets that we had, as well as our past developments and decided to create Fusion.