Comet Guardians

Maxim Begunov


A top-down shooter where you crashland on a comet and have to fight enemies and bosses with different weapons while catching ammo from the destroyed spaceship.


Comet Guardians is a hardcore topdown shooter.

The main character is a courier for the space transportation of weapons, crashes and lands on a comet inhabited by various monsters. A device that he was transporting - a multiweapon - also falls on the comet. With it, the player can choose the weapons that he will use and improve it.

The demo-version features 2 comets, each with its own enemies and a boss (there will be 4 of them in total).

As soon as the player defeated the wave of enemies, the player is given the opportunity to change their weapons (8 guns are available in the demo). A player can carry two weapons at the same time and instantly switch between them.

The main task of the game is to defeat the final boss and find out the reasons for the appearance of monsters on a comet.

Про команду

I am a solo indie game developer that started making games a couple of years ago while studying in university. For the most part I am a programming guy and not an artist at all. But having met no artist in my gamedev journey I had to learn pixel art to make atleast some graphics for my games.

I have participated in about 7-8 game jams and made small prototypes. Comet guardians is first one to be released. Starting it was an impulsive action because I felt I needed to release something in order to progress in gamedev. As a result of not thinking of what game Im actually making it was reworked many times and in the end it is what it is: a top-down shooter.

Maybe there's not much original about it but im still proud of it. If there's one thing that want from this game, it is to give the player a good experience of topdown shooter gameplay and maybe the judges will give me some feedback on what's missing or what to change.