Astral Equilibrium


S’21 / Shortlist 006 (Best Art)


An Asian-flavored Action RPG that lets you swap control between a Warrior and Enchantress, to fight during the day and during the night.


Astral Equilibrium is an Asian-flavored fantasy Action RPG that is both a sequel and a remake of a 2002 GBA game named Kien. The team includes some the designer and some of the developers of the original game too. Fight against the forces of Chaos using Kjan, the warrior, and Elendel the enchantress. A curse prevents them from meeting, as he only exists during daytime, and she only exists during nighttime.

Find the Altars that allow them commune and transfer their physical bodies to each other to solve puzzle-driven levels with rich combat, lore and lush colorful environments.

The game is in a current very early state, the 0.2 Pre-alpha, but it already showcases quite a few of the features of the final game.

Про команду

A Tallinn based studio with an international team, now working on its 4th game. For this project, two more studios are involved in a Europe-wide cooperation: Troglobytes games (from Spain) and PM Studio (from Italy).