Winter Survival Simulator

DRAGO entertainment

S’21 / Shortlist 001 (Best PC Game)
S’21 / Shortlist 005 (Streamers’ Choice)


An immersive first-person survival simulator in a frozen wilderness, where you deal with cold, hunger, tiredness, wild animals, and your own mind playing tricks on you.


Your winter hike in Mount Washington State Park turned into extreme survival. With barely any supplies, you have to find your way to an abandoned ranger station and call for help.

Fight against the cold, the wildlife, and your own tired mind that starts playing tricks on you…

Cold, thirst, hunger and exhaustion are the four major factors you have to worry about. But it doesn’t end there. Injuries and the weather are considerable threats. You start losing your sanity under extreme stress and see things that aren’t there. But perhaps the most deadly are the animals.

You have no rifle. There is no combat. If you come upon a wolf or a bear, your knife won’t save you. It’s not the movies, so be smart about it. Find or create hunting traps. Track the animals and be the hunter, not the hunted.

If you’re determined enough, who knows, maybe you’ll stay alive long enough to build a shelter or find a cabin. Maybe you’ll set up a safe perimeter and gather enough supplies. Maybe you won’t lose your mind, and instead survive in the bitter cold at Mount Washington.

Your life is in your hands. Good luck.

О команде

DRAGO Entertainment was founded in 1998 in Cracow, Poland. During the very first years of operation, it focused on developing innovative projects as an external contractor, mostly for international video game publishers. Over time the company strengthened the team's expertise, built a professional crew, and started working on its own titles. In 2018 it adopted a new strategy and fully focused on developing independent productions. Their first game - Treasure Hunter Simulator launched in December of 2018 and was published by Movie Games, a company listed on The Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect).