The Sun: Key of Heaven


Indie Cup W’21

iOS / Android
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Постапокалитический мир с огромным количеством локаций, как наземных, так и подземных, свей историей, сотнями заданий, огромным арсеналом оружия и брони, артефактами, торговлей, крафтом, враждующими группировками, мутантами, бандитами и мародерами.
An action game with RPG elements in a cruel post-apocalyptic world, a world with radiation, hunger and disease. Only a few people managed to survive in that deadly attack that hit the planet from the space, but after a short time a new catastrophe started to threaten the survivors. And the main character, the Chosen of the North-216 Community, will have to deal with it.

World of the post-apocalypse. First person shooter for survival.

The Sun Key of Heaven: Post-apocalyptic action — is a first-person shooter with RPG elements with its own history, hundreds of tasks, a huge arsenal of weapons and armor, trade, fighting factions, mutants, bandits and prowlers. Explore the world with a huge number of locations, buy the best weapons from the merchants and improve them. You will need only the best equipment! After all, your main goal is to save your Community from hunger. And let the struggle for survival begin!!!

Brief background.

In the year 2050, the sun unleashed a catastrophic surge of energy into space, a wave of power that would plunge our civilization into chaos for centuries. Though predicted for years by the scientific community, their warnings were ignored by the world leaders that instead squabbled over petty territorial concerns.

When the wave of energy struck the earth, a storm of radioactive particles blanketed the atmosphere in a deadly, carcinogenic fog. The fog killed indiscriminately… the young, old, rich and poor all fell in equal measure. Only those that had heeded the warnings and taken shelter in abandoned bunkers were spared.

When their supplies eventually ran out and these communities were forced to emerge from their shelters, they saw a new world of desolation and chaos. A world in which the laws of civilization had been replaced by the law of the gun. The few areas that still had clean water and arable land were held by ruthless warlords and their armies.

It was in this world that a warrior known only as Raven would emerge. A warrior that would save his people by bending the wasteland to his will. A warrior that would one day become a legend.

It's a challenge! The world of the apocalypse or you?

Dear players! This game is very difficult! If you want to have a rest playing The Sun Key of Heaven: Post-apocalyptic action RPG, you'd better find another game for pleasant pastime. Cause in this game it's hell! Since the beginning of the project just few players could survive in rough conditions of Wasteland! But if you still decide to try, don't complain in the comments that you die of radiation, poisoning, thirst and hunger! And don't say that nobody warned you! Just the most attentive players won't have any problems with surviving in the world of The Sun: Key of Heaven! Good luck!
Мы — разработчики игры The Sun: Origin, которая вот уже три года находится на топ позициях Google Play Market в Украине, России и других странах. Наша команда из Украины, состоит из четырех человек: программист, 3D моделлер и левел дизайнеры. В данный момент мы работаем над новым проектом The Sun: Key of Heaven, который является продолжением нашей первой игры — The Sun: Origin.

Думаю, что многие игроманы, играя в старые, добрые Fallout или S.T.A.L.K.E.R. мечтали сделать что-то похожее. Вот и мы точно так же вдохновлялись этими играми — это и положило начало тому, что у нас в итоге получилось, и получается сейчас.

Вот так мы и начали делать игры )