The Farlanders

Andriy Bychkovskyi


Mars colony city-builder


The Farlanders is a turn-based mars colony city-builder. You need to take care of basic colonists’ needs and grow the settlement fast enough to meet the Board’s goal. With smart use, terraforming kits will help you to transform an unfriendly red planet’s environment into a new home!

Game features

* Unique terraformation mechanic, inspired by tabletop games (Carcassonne)
* Randomly generated map
* Basic electricity & plumbing systems
* Custom game mode in which you can set your own goals and map properties
* Basic colonists mood system


W, A, S, D or Arrows or ‘hold LMB’ to move camera

Mouse wheel or ‘-‘, ‘+’ to zoom camera

RMB to cancel terraforming/building selection

Q, E to rotate terraforming pattern

F9 to hide UI

F12 for cheats in Sandbox mode

О команде

Работаем вдвоем с художником. До этого вместе работали над Pixel Express.