The Eraser

Painted Black Games

W21 / Best PC / Shortlist
W21 / Best Unity / Shortlist
W21 / Critics’ Choice / Shortlist
W21 / Rising Star / Shortlist


The Eraser is a survival horror adventure.


The Eraser is a survival horror adventure designed in the footsteps of the classic Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, mixing their formula with brutal skill-based combat inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

The Eraser uses an isometric view combined with side-scrolling sections.

Hidden in an unmapped area, there is a town where people can get their most painful memories erased. For Ernest Bloch, the town is the last resort of getting rid of a traumatic memory that had been destroying him for years. But refusing something that has become an integral part of his personality will only wake monsters eager to devour him completely.

О команде

I'm a full-time solo developer, occasionally reaching to freelancers or Asset Store.