Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty

Starni Games

Indie Cup S’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is a history-driven turn-based strategy set in WW2. Lead the scarce Finnish forces through the Winter War, Continuation War, and Lapland War. Save your country’s very existence from the Red Menace. Niet Molotoff!
You are the commander of the scarce Finnish troops. Your only goal - to save your homeland and your people from total annihilation. Would you risk losing your experienced troops to try and capture the enemy tanks? Would you try to save the stragglers during the retreat and risk losing everyone, or cut your losses and establish a new line of defense? Would you agree to negotiate with the Soviets that had treacherously attacked you twice before?

Top 5 key features

  1. Historical operations and “what if” scenarios.

  2. Cinematics before and after the missions.

  3. Detailed supply system and complex combat mechanics.

  4. Units customization system: skills, equipment, heroes.

  5. Army management — you can acquire units that historically were available to Finland, plus capture some trophy units from the enemy.

Starni Games was founded in 2015 in Kyiv (Ukraine) by Ihor Tymoshenko – a programmer with 20 years of experience.

Currently, we have 15 people on our team. We work in an open-space office, right next to each other. This allows us to discuss all arising issues quickly and make decisions on the fly, implementing all sorts of innovative ideas without losing our track.

Right now we are working on the Strategic Mind series of turn-based strategy games set in WW2, with alternate history elements. Strategic Mind titles combine immersive narrative elements, modern 3D graphics and improved mechanics of classic wargames.

We create games with an immersive narrative and deep gameplay. We want you to look at the events from different perspectives and welcome critical thinking.