Sayri Adventure

Sayri Adventure

Vidloonnya Reborn


A relaxing puzzle-adventure game for fans of ABZU, The Journey and ICO


Sayri Adventure is a family-friendly game about a friendship. Sayri, the main hero, and inhabitants of the unknown world try to find a new homeland through various puzzles and challenges.

Sayri lost its home and landed on another planet. He wakes up, frightened, tries to survive. A new planet is unknown and has many secrets and puzzles Sayri is not able to solve.

Sayri is a clever empathic alien creature who has outstanding telepathic abilities to friendship native creatures of the new world. Extra abilities of a hero to interact with special environmental obstacles will help to find a way.

Unite your new friends in a team to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Explore colorful, handcrafted, open world going everywhere you want!


The main idea of the game is in combining abilities of friends-creatures and Sayri to solve puzzles. An exploration happens in an open handcrafted world where a player can go everywhere to make its way.

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