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Indie Cup S’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
Прохождение испытаний на автомобиле в дрифте.
This is a top-down game inspired by the Ken Block's series of gymkhana videos. The player's task is to put his car through a series of speed and accuracy challenges. Drifting is the main part of these challenges. Points scores for:

  1. Completeing challenges (Rewards depend on goals met)

  2. Drift Angle

  3. Drift Speed

  4. Performing tricks

Challenges in the game are arranged in several open levels. Each level is divided into several zones. To switch between zones and levels you need to complete a certain number of challenges and gain a certain number of points.

The points earned can be used to unlock new cars and customizations. Tuning (performance customization) is not available.
Я инди разработчик. Начал делать игры давно как хобби, еще на JMonkeyEngine, потом перешел на Unity. Этот проект начал как обучение новому подходу Unity DOTS.