Pirate’s Destiny

Big Root Games

Indie Cup W’21

iOS / Android
Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
W21 / 002 / Best Mobile / Winner
W21 / Best Art / Shortlist
W21 / Best Mobile / Shortlist
W21 / Critics’ Choice / Shortlist
Баттлер с уникальной системой исследования мира для добычи ресурсов.
Build your island, explore endless seas and fight monsters.

Go on an adventure with your pirate army!
Pirate’s Destiny is an adventure game with elements of an economic strategy. In this world, you will be able to discover new territories, find epic treasures, build ships and hire a lot of legendary pirates with their unique abilities.

Ready for the adventure? Get various tasks and go sailing! To successfully fight with sea monsters, you will need to assemble an excellent team of fighters. Upgrade pirates and take away treasures that should belong only to you! Do not forget about your island. A developed island will be able to supply many resources and, of course, delicious rum. Attack other players, get their resources and show the whole world who is the greatest king of pirates here!

Pirate’s Destiny:
ENJOY the beautiful and vast hand drawn world;
BUILD and improve your island, get more resources for new adventures;
COMPLETE interesting missions and daily tasks;
FIGHT against sea monsters, armies, BOSSES and other players;
EXPLORE endless seas, find new maps and new territories;
CREATE your own unique ship with powerful cannons and guns;
IMPROVE your character, pirates, buildings, ships, guns and everything else ...

Нас три человека. Программист, художник и третий. Находимся в Москве. Игры начали делать очень давно, но у каждого был свой собственный путь. В тот или иной момент пересекались друг с другом по работе и в результате создали данный pet project.