Gas Station Simulator

DRAGO entertainment

S’21 / Shortlist 005 (Streamers’ Choice)


A relaxing first-person sim where you single-handedly renovate and manage a gas station in an American desert while participating in all kinds of fun side activities.


Gas Station Simulator is all about your freedom of choice in renovating, expanding and running a gas station along a desert highway.

You start with basically a ruin. You need to clean up the place, get rid of the broken furniture, fix up the walls, paint and decorate. Repair the equipment, add your own style to the interior, and open the place for customers.

What customers? All kinds of them! From truckers who want a solid meal and a shower to Tesla drivers dying for a soy latte. Will you try to please everyone? Find your own voice and clientele? Or troll everyone on purpose?

Success is your goal, but there’s so much more to life. Your place is your kingdom, after all. Have fun with all kinds of side activities: beat records on an RC car track, shoot some hoops, redecorate, or gear up in case of an attempted robbery.

Be free in every aspect of the game.


  • Expansive feature set for renovation.
  • In-depth features to expand and run your business.
  • High level of customization in all areas.
  • Detailed financial aspects of the entire operation.
  • More than 100 expansion and upgrade options.
  • More than 20 customer types and 50+ customers.

О команде

DRAGO Entertainment was founded in 1998 in Cracow, Poland. During the very first years of operation, it focused on developing innovative projects as an external contractor, mostly for international video game publishers. Over time the company strengthened the team's expertise, built a professional crew, and started working on its own titles. In 2018 it adopted a new strategy and fully focused on developing independent productions. Their first game - Treasure Hunter Simulator launched in December of 2018 and was published by Movie Games, a company listed on The Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect).